#WeRideWhyRadio is a bi-weekly audio magazine hosted by Greg Roth & David ”The Rocket” Richter.

#WeRideWhy? There are many answers to that question many ride for a myriad of reasons.

Of course, cycling is a lifestyle as well. The aesthetic is as important as the functionality when it comes to bikes, kits, styles whatever. Music and art are part of our culture, because cycling is an art-form.

Bikes are pieces of art. Like every human being, every bike no matter how old or what style is beautiful and magnificent.

Cycling has altered our lives in a positive way and continues to. Greg and David bring what they have learned from their life‘s journey‘s into other areas and share the experience with others.

This inspires people to take action whatever that action is, to new possibilities and ways of being…living our live to the fullest and having communities’ function.

Greg and David will chat with interesting guests from the music, art, cycling and athletic world to delve into the intricate and interesting perspectives on training, living, overcoming obstacles, fulfilling on commitments and having success (in whatever way you define it) in life.

We look forward to riding with you on this journey and thank you for listening!


Greg Roth (Host / Producer and Engineer) is best known as the founder and Creative Director of the local music website, Seattle Music Insider. He had a podcast (SMI Radio) that ran from 2010 – 2015.

Greg’s curiosity about the complexity of the human condition as it relates to art and music. In addition, Greg’s career in Talent Acquisition for companies, like Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte and Zulily give him unique insight into human behavior.

Greg’s passion for music and storytelling, is what drove Greg to photograph and interview award winning local and national music artists.

Greg rides, trains and races with his club, Fount Cycling Guild and participates in several cycling events each year, training an average of 200+ miles per week.


David “The Rocket” Richter (Co-Host) is the co-founder and head coach of Fount Cycling Guild.

Rocket began his cycling career over 40 years ago as a BMX racer.

He briefly shelved cycling to pursue a baseball career as a scholarship athlete at the University of Washington. He returned to cycling and excelled as a professional mountain biker, UCI professional road cyclist, cyclocross racer…and even a bicycle messenger.

This made him one of the most well-known and top performing cyclists in the Pacific Northwest.

Rocket’s love for cycling has driven him in business. Dave brings deep knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit to everything he does.

Episodes Date

On the final episode of Season 1, Rocket returns to the studio with Greg and they talk about he distinctions of riding in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest, Seattle to Portland and a number of other t...
January 27, 2022
On the first episode of the year, Rocket and Greg reflect back on 2021 and look ahead to 2022.  In addition, Rocket and Greg about staying motivated when external conditions make it difficult. Rocket ...
January 13, 2022
On this week's episode "Rocket" and Greg share about some of the most recent devolopments around the Fount Ladies professional squad and some of their new partners and sponsors, including Cannondale B...
November 20, 2021
On Episode Number 8, Greg and Rocket talk about overcoming some profound challenges he faced during the 2021 race season. Rocket shares his experience fo staying positive and having his commitment to ...
November 2, 2021
On this weeks episode of #WeRideWhyRadio, we have a very special guest, Ashley Berg. She is one of the principle characters in the f forthcoming film, #WeRideWhy, to be released in 2022. The conversat...
October 17, 2021
#WeRideWhy Radio returns after a few months on hiatus. In this week's episode hosts, Greg Roth & David "The Rocket Richter" catch up on what has been in life and with their club, Fount Cycling Gui...
August 4, 2021
Greg and Rocket co-host via Skype from Tucson, Arizona. Rocket shares his adventures from the road and what it feels like to be racing again for the first time in almost a year. Greg and Rocket share ...
February 24, 2021
On the first episode of 2021, Greg and "Rocket" talk about their participation in the Rapha Festive 500 and what they learned about themselves in the process. In the second half, we interview Author, ...
February 1, 2021
The our third episode of #WeRideWhyRadio with your host Greg Roth and co-hosted with cycling professional, coach and co-founder of Fount Cycling Guild, Dave "The Rocket" Richter. In this special Chris...
December 22, 2020
The our second episode of #WeRideWhyRadio with your host Greg Roth and co-hosted with cycling professional, coach and co-founder of Fount Cycling Guild, Dave "The Rocket" Richter. In the first half of...
December 15, 2020

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